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3 reasons why you need KNXPM Management ETS Apps

✓ More than KNX, all the equipment from the project in ETS

✓ Embedded in ETS, no shift between tools

✓ Real Project Management (designed by a PMP) and efficient Supply Management, you will step out as a leading System Integrator

Don’t wait any longer, start with your FREE KNXPM Supply Management ETS App!

Available in English, Spanish, German, Swedish and Chinese.

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Need Project Management?

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Check the progress of your project in one quick view. Out of sight is out of mind, so the KNXPM ETS Apps dashboard will highlight the most important information for the project´s sake.


Bee´s knees, these tools will take you to the next level: 'Earned Value Method', 'Critical Path Method' and 'Change Orders Manager' are tools for Project Management. You can make the most out of them using our Support Area.

Project Management Concepts

Easy way to follow-up with the tasks in a categorized way, their progress, what equipment is related to each task, labour logs, what tasks are outsourced... wow, only this task manager is worth the full price of the tool!


You can export information targeting different stakeholders (installers, procurement, project managers...), in Word (so you can edit/add more information) and Excel (for quick data exchange). Yes, you can export the list of KNX devices, equipment and installation material in one sheet.


Keep track of the budget, stock, non-KNX equipment and installation material. Allocate each item to the right distributor.

List of distributors

No doubt you will love this section, because among other important settings (Categories, Distributors...) you find here the catalogue. Directly fed from ETS regarding the KNX devices, and external input (manual, CSV or specific distributor catalogue file) for other equipment and installation material (junction boxes, terminal connectors...).

From KNX Partners to KNX Partners

We ́ve been there, we ́ve struggled working on site, dealt with clients, installers, providers... and always worrying for the fine details, the scope of the project, committed to the overall quality, with only one goal in mind: excel in what we do and deliver the best installation ever.

IoT Revolution

Yes, we know... IoT everywhere. Although IoT is perceived as plug & play, many installations require (and will require) system integrators. Thanks to the KNXPM ETS App you will be able to track the integration of all the IoT equipment in the project (and not only the KNX stuff).

KNX Evangelists

We believe in KNX, its standard philosophy and its vendor independent approach. This market is driven by stunning professionals like you: evangelists of the KNX technology. The KNXPM ETS App is for your tribe.

Let ́s measure...

How many times you ́ve heard “If you cannot measure it you cannot manage it”? Are you ahead schedule or behind schedule? Over budget or under budget? What ́s the Earned Value of the project right now? How much you ́ve spent in contingency? Admittedly, you need the KNXPM ETS App...

Designed by a certified PMP

As crazy as we are about KNX, we also love PMP® (Project Management Professional). PMBOK® is the truly global standard for project management, under the umbrella of PMI. The KNXPM tool has been designed and tested by a PMP.


Project Management is not a methodology. Project Management is not a methodology. Project Management is not a methodology... Got it? The KNXPM ETS App adapts to your own way of work. Don ́t let any tool impose you a specific workflow. But we share our methodology with you if you want it...

KNXPM ETS Apps Showroom

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Guides, concepts, articles... you will find all the necessary information to start playing with your App in our support section.
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Open a support ticket, we´ll gladly help you.

Not sure if this is for you? Download the free KNXPM Supply Management ETS App and unleash all the management potential inside yourself! If you want to apply professional Project Management, then buy one license of KNXPM Project Management ETS App:

✓ KNXPM Supply Management: FREE

✓ KNXPM Project Management: 395€

✓ ETS Embedded

✓ Available via the official KNX online shop

Visit MyKNX and get your KNXPM ETS Apps!

ETS: The tool.

Microsoft Project Management and cloud-based tools are great solutions... but too complex and for very large projects. With KNXPM Project Management App and KNXPM Supply Management App you get a tool that has been designed for you... embedded in ETS!

KNXPM Book: Applied Project Management in KNX

Would you like to learn more about Project Management in KNX System Integration? Our book (paperback version is recommended) is perfect!